Happy Evacuation Day 

“Hack Holiday” nothing!

In much of this country, folks are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, often by drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Here in Boston however, we celebrate a different holiday: Evacuation Day. Rather than (just) a nod to the vomiting that’s likely to ensue from all that binge drinking, Evacuation Day commemorates the end of the siege of Boston, as the British troops were forced to withdraw. It was General George Washington’s first victory in the Revolutionary War, and an important morale boost for the colonies.

My towniest pal Mat and I have a long-standing tradition of meeting for a bit of Evacuation Day revelry. Ordinarily, we imbibe a few beers at a local Irish pub, and razz the British. Of course, there aren’t actually any British troops about, so it’s more general razzing into the ether. “Getcher arses back to jolly old England” and whatnot. A good time is had by all.

Sadly, we’ve not been able to celebrate in person for the past two years. But this year? This year we are on for some backyard beers. So, a Happy Evacuation Day to you, dear reader. I’m off to raise a glass to the patriots of the American Revolution. And sure, Saint Patrick as well.