Happy Holiday!

We're taking this thing back, dammit.

Earlier this week, I mailed out a card to a few dozen friends. But you, dear reader? You deserve a card too.

An envelope addressed to “One Foot Tsunami Reader”
Why look, it’s a card for you! With a lovely matching stamp, affixed at a jaunty angle!

A card featuring a jester and the words “Joyful vibes, from Paul”
It’s so festive!

A card which says “Happy Holiday!
Hopefully, this card finds you healthy
and contented. A great deal of time has
passed in the haze of COVID. That's a
pity. Still, I trust life is going well for

A holiday like today is truly the
perfect time to take stock of what
really matters. On this joyous day,
it's my wish for you to find time to
live, to laugh, and to love.

For me, this day serves as a perfect
occasion to make it crystal clear to
others how much I cherish them. I'm
looking forward to the day when I can
see you again in person
Well, that’s very nice. But wait, what the hell holiday are we celebrating?

There is a definitive answer to that question, and you can find it in the third image. When you come across it, you’ll know.