Here Comes the Pizza Chucker 

15 years of pizza tossing and hilarity.

Almost exactly fifteen years ago today, Jerry Remy made his immortal call of “Here Comes the Pizza” during the Red Sox 2007 Patriot’s Day game. Today, ESPN has posted a tremendous deep-dish deep dive into the story. It focuses on Dan Kelly, chucker of the pizza. Because they’ve used the video I posted way back in 2012, it even features my dumb face embedded right in the middle of the story:

My dumb face, on an overlay of the video

Speaking of that video, I’ve always wondered how on earth it’s managed to stay online. It is very much not licensed, and it has over 2 million views. I can’t explain it. In a column from the 10th anniversary back in 2017, Grant Brisbee explained his theory of how it played out:

I’d like to think at MLB Advanced Media, a nervous staffer came up to his boss with a list of illicit YouTube videos that needed DMCA takedowns.

“Aaron hitting 715?”

“Take it down.”

“Mike Trout scaling the wall? Looks like there’s a whole playlist.”

“Take them all down.”

“Here comes the pizza?”

“T … no. No, that one stays.”

There’s a difference between dumb baseball highlights that get people excited about baseball and something that belongs to the world.

I like to believe that the video so deserves to be in the world that even the laws of copyright don’t apply to it. And while I do wish my brick would get a mention or two in these articles, it’s wonderful just to see “Here Comes the Pizza” continuing to provide so much joy to the world. Thanks, Jerry.