It’s a Wonderful Boat 

Merry Christmas, you old megayacht!

While reading about Italy’s seizure of a billion dollar yacht rumored to belong to Vladimir Putin, this line caught my eye (emphasis added):

…the 459-foot vessel – which comes equipped with six decks, two helipads, a judo gym, a five-metre aquarium, a swimming pool which turns into a dance floor, gold adorned bathrooms and a self-playing piano…

That is, quite literally, something out of a movie. Specifically, this strange combination can famously be seen in Jimmy Stewart’s classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”.1 It got me thinking how great it would be if an angel would come and pull a Reverse Clarence. He could show Putin how much better the world would be if he’d never existed, and perhaps convince him to be on the receiving end of some polonium for once.


  1. This was a real location, shot at Beverly Hills High School. As of 2022, the so-called “Swim Gym” remains in use. ↩︎