CVS Agrees With My Mom

It is SO sweet!

Recently, I received a letter from CVS. Mail! What fun! Here’s a look:

A letter reading “Dear Paul, Let’s celebrate you! Because you’re an extra-special ExtraCare® member, we're treating you to exclusive savings. Enjoy two 30% off coupons one for now and one for later. How sweet is that?! All the best, Your Local CVS® Team CVS Boston

You know what, My Local CVS Team? You’re absolutely right. Let’s celebrate me! Why not? I’m worth it. After all, I’m extra-special. I’m sure you don’t give out <reads letter further> two 30% off coupons to just anyone.

Of course, I appreciate paying a mere 70% of overpriced downtown retail prices as much as the next city dweller. But let’s not pretend this is something more than that, CVS Boston.