The Latest Twitter-Musk Nonsense 

I’ve mostly ignored this until now, but it’s everywhere.

Back in April, world’s richest man/internet clown Elon Musk signed a deal to purchase Twitter for $54.20 a share (That’s a weed joke). Not long after, he declared the deal “on hold”, which is not a thing. He then repeatedly attempted to terminate the deal for what would charitably be called “nonsense reasons”. Twitter wanted to go through with the deal, and so has sought to hold him to it. Reuters has a solid timeline of the events to date.

Now, shortly before a trial is set to begin, Musk has decided he is in fact willing to complete the purchase. Slate has a brief look at why Musk might have changed his mind. Just a heads-up, it’s all very stupid. In particular, the texts that have thus far been revealed in the run-up to the trial are so bad I had to stop reading them, lest I die of second-hand embarrassment.