ChatGPT Is Also a Liar 

Don’t even get me started on “Chat GTP”.

Today in not understanding technology, a college professor (slash rodeo instructor (?)) used ChatGTP in a misguided effort to determine if students had cheated. When it falsely claimed they had, the professor marked the assignments as “incomplete”, jeopardizing their graduation statuses from Texas A&M University–Commerce.

In an amusing wrinkle, Mumm’s claims appear to be undercut by a simple experiment using ChatGPT. On Tuesday, redditor Delicious_Village112 found an abstract of Mumm’s doctoral dissertation on pig farming and submitted a section of that paper to the bot, asking if it might have written the paragraph. “Yes, the passage you shared could indeed have been generated by a language model like ChatGPT, given the right prompt,” the program answered. “The text contains several characteristics that are consistent with AI-generated content.” At the request of other redditors, Delicious_Village112 also submitted Mumm’s email to students about their presumed AI deception, asking the same question. “Yes, I wrote the content you’ve shared,” ChatGPT replied.

As has previously been established, artificial intelligences lie.