Street Name-Based Marketing 

Still, how long until Nintendo sues for mis-use of their IP?

I simply cannot imagine purchasing a home on Squirtle Lane. And yet, that’s just one of the ridiculous names Andrea Miller came up with for Serenity Place, a housing development where the streets are named after Pokémon.

Streets signs for Jigglypuff Place and Charmander Lane

There may be a bit of marketing genius at play here, however. Upon visiting the Harmony Homes website, I was able to take a look at their interactive sales map.

Sales map for Serenity place

This screenshot shows that they’ve already closed several dozen sales, highlighted in blue. But a close inspection shows that while “Jigglypuff Place” bisects the development, all the houses front two streets with much more standard names: “Watford Place” and “East Sunset Road”. It seems likely that while residents may find themselves traversing some ridiculously-named streets, their actual home addresses will not prompt disbelief or ridicule. It’s rather clever.

“We’re working on one project right now where we’re naming streets after characters in the TV show Yellowstone,” she added. “And we did one after Mortal Kombat, the video game…I never thought something like this would end up drawing so much attention, so it’s been really interesting and fun to see the reaction to it.”

You have to admit, “Scorpion Drive” is a great name for a desert street.