Knock It Off

Please, Can you Not?

Way back in 2011, I used the term “autocorrupt” to describe what the iPhone keyboard sometimes did in its attempts to fix mistyping. At the time, typing on a smartphone was still rather novel, and the built-in autocorrect technology was really fairly solid.

In the years since, it frankly feels like the tech has gotten worse. That may not be the reality, but it certainly hasn’t improved to the level we might expect after a full decade of advancements. For instance, on my iPhone, iOS autocorrupt has been turning “can” into “Can” mid-sentence for the past several months. I’ll go back and retype it, only to have it happen again. It’s maddening.

Recently, it’s gotten even worse. The phone has also started sometimes converting “not” to “Not” as well. You can see both of these issues below, in this screen recording of me typing:

You Can [sic] Not [sic] believe how vexing this is! I would dearly love to hear a reasonable explanation for this nonsense, but I am very skeptical one exists.

Thankfully, there may be at least some room for optimism. The next update to iOS is due out this fall, and it will purportedly improve autocorrection substantially, in part by customizing it to your specific typing styles. Fingers crossed.