Let’s Not Make America Florida 

Then he went inside and got take out.

There are plenty of items worth noting in this terrible story of the death of an old man in the Sunshine State. For one thing, the accused is charged with “aggravated manslaughter on an elderly person”, though he is himself an elderly person. For another, despite owning a luxury car and (presumably) being a member of a country club, the accused is apparently seeking the services of a public defender. That’s odd.

But the kicker is can be found, slightly buried, here:

As Moore approached Zook, he exclaimed, “You hit my car!” the affidavit alleges. Zook exited his car and asked to exchange insurance information, the affidavit says, but Moore hit Zook’s jaw, pushing him backward. Moore continued punching Zook before realizing the Lexus wasn’t actually his car, the affidavit states.

Yes, 75-year-old Robert Moore attacked and ultimately caused the death of 87-year-old Dean Zook, for the sin of hitting the front bumper of a car that wasn’t actually Moore’s. Those prison conversations are really going to be something.

“Hey, old man, what are you in for?”

“Oh, me? I killed a guy for hitting not my car.”