That Won’t Fix It 

The Streisand Effect is strong here.

Because soccer is incorrectly enjoyed by billions of fans around the world, and because a not-insignificant percentage of people are jerks, ripping up currency to embarrass Argentinian teams is a thing. Now, the economically distressed nation is attempting to put a stop to it.

This is lousy behavior by fans, but it seems likely that this crackdown will only increase the problem. I don’t know that Argentina’s Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport can do much to help the economy, but doing nothing might be for the best to prevent more of this:

Football fans ripping up Argentinian currency like jerks

Also, I especially like the end of the caption the BBC included under that image:

A fan of Brazilian club Corinthians tears up an peso bill during a match against Argentinian side Boca Juniors – picture taken before the crackdown

Ah, good, yes. It’s important that these fans not be unfairly punished.