An Offer I Can Refuse

Owners of 2023 model year cars also don’t want a new car right now.

For several years, I’ve taken part in Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program which e enables me to move to a new iPhone once a year, if I wish. I last bought a new phone in September of 2022. This morning, I received an email with the subject line “You’re eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone today”.

An email stating, in part, “iPhone Upgrade Program - Take your iPhone experience to the next level. - As part of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you’re now eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone.”

Now firstaball, Apple knows that I already have an iPhone 14 Pro. Every month, I’m paying them for it. They’re pitching me on the features I already possess, so I’m not exactly sure how they propose that I “take my experience to the next level” by using the exact same phone. One might make a very poor argument that they’re pitching me on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with its mammoth screen, but come on. That’s just stupid.

Perhaps this message was sent to the wrong list, and it was intended for folks with older phones. However, it’s mid-August, which means that Apple is almost certain to be shipping new iPhone models in the next few weeks. For over a decade, the company has had a very reliable schedule of fall iPhone releases. Current rumors indicate we’ll see new hardware announced by September 13, and that they’ll be switching from a Lightning port to a USB-C port. It’s an inopportune time to buy a new iPhone, period, let alone to buy the exact one I already have.

Still, my iPhone does have a scratch or two. I could have a new one. Tempting!