Close to 100, Without Going Over 

For the record, however, Price is Right rules for general guessing/estimating are terrible and should not be used.

Bob Barker almost made it to 100. He died this past weekend, just a few months shy of becoming a centenarian. In addition to being the host of beloved sick day classic “The Price Is Right”, Barker had a tremendous cameo in Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore”. The Washington Post has a great piece on how that ridiculousness came to be.

When [Ed] McMahon’s manager said he was too busy, Sandler and Herlihy homed in on Barker, although they doubted they could persuade him to participate, Sandler said in an interview with entertainment news site Collider. Still, they pitched the idea to him.

What they didn’t know is that Barker’s next door neighbor was Chuck Norris, who had been teaching Barker how to fight, Sandler and Herlihy said in 2021 on the podcast “That Scene with Dan Patrick.” Fed up with losing to Norris, Barker was eager to do the fight scene but had one condition: He had to win.

He did indeed win, and so did the world.