Imagine How Surprised That Worm Was 

Hey, look, ivermectin is good for something in humans!

The next time I’m having a bad day, I’m going to think to myself “At least there’s not a three-inch-long parasitic worm normally found in pythons in my brain”.1 Oh, my stars and garter snakes!

It was a fairly regular day on the ward for Canberra hospital infectious diseases physician Dr Sanjaya Senanayake, until a neurosurgeon colleague called him and said: “Oh my god, you wouldn’t believe what I just found in this lady’s brain – and it’s alive and wriggling.”

The neurosurgeon, Dr Hari Priya Bandi, had pulled an 8cm-long parasitic roundworm from her patient, prompting her to call on Senanayake and other hospital colleagues for advice about what to do next.

Thanks to friend of the site Jason S. who saw this and, quote, “thought of One Foot Tsunami”. It’s a proud legacy I’m building.


  1. As far as I know, anyhow. Most likely. It’s difficult to be completely certain of something like this, right? I suppose it’s difficult to be certain of anything, really. Still, for my own sanity, I’m going to assume my lobes are parasite-free. I urge you to do the same. ↩︎