Conducting a Manifestly Unsafe Voyage 

Jack Johnson says don’t let your dreams be dreams, but I dunno.

Friend-of-the-site Alex S. passed along the bizarre story of a man named Reza Baluchi trying to run a giant hamster wheel across the Atlantic. This is the vessel in question:

It doesn’t exactly look like the kind of thing that can get someone from Florida to England. Still, Baluchi is nothing if not a cockeyed optimist, having made similar attempts repeatedly in the past. The man knows what he wants, and what he wants is to traverse the Atlantic Ocean in barely seaworthy vessels. For the doubters, he has this advice:

“Dream no coming after you,” Baluchi told VICE. “You must follow your dream.”

Though his mission may be foolish, those are wise words. Your dream definitely is not going to follow you. You’d better follow your dream, even if the journey is manifestly unsafe.