Thanks, Obama 

“Almost 40” is not “a young man”.

Here’s a novel excuse:

A New Jersey electrician who is running for a seat in the State Assembly admits he once smeared poop on the doors of a day care center ― and he says it’s Barack Obama’s fault.

Although Viso admitted it was wrong, he offered a bizarre excuse with echoes of Republicans this week blaming the Democratic Party for the ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). “I was a young man. It was a horrible time, and I made a mistake,” Viso, 52, said. “Obama came into office the year before.”

Even the absolute most charitable interpretation of this, that Viso is trying to say “It was so long ago, you know, just after Obama came into office”, is nonsense. That would be 2010, which is only 13 years ago, and Viso was around 39 at the time.

I try very hard to be understanding of others. We never know someone else’s life, or what they’re going through. But at a minimum, this man should realized that he has no place running for public office.