Rollin’ on the River 

Big pumpkins keep on bobbin’

Earlier this week, a random Bostonian on Reddit posted a new thread entitled “Help borrowing forklift to ride a pumpkin down the Charles River”. It is exactly what it says, a request for someone with a forklift to help him get a massive pumpkin into (and hopefully, out of) the Charles River, so as to fulfill his “life’s dream to row a giant pumpkin down the Charles River”. Sure!

Is this a good idea? Probably not. But it is an idea, you have to give it that. went in-depth on these whimsical water voyages, talking to all manner of gourd experts about the ersatz boats. Pumpkin boats have long been a thing, and in fact, another local named Christian Ilsley motored one across Boston Harbor back in 2017.

Christian Ilsley’s 2017 pumpkin boat

Time will tell if Redditor Benjamin621 joins the ranks of Boston-area pumpkin boat captains.