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Googly Body Worlds 

I need to get back out there with my googly eyes.

This was not my work, but my hat is off to the artist.

Googly Eyes for Show 

“Avoiding the cold” is the mother of invention

If you’re going to make a remotely operated snowblower, it’s smart to give it a friendly look.

Remote-controlled snowblower with googly eyes

Looming Eyes Would Freak Me Out Too 

Scientists like googly eyes too.

Using googly eyes to increase safety? Well, fine, that’s good too.

It Does Indeed Look Funny 

Government officials got that much right.

Down in Georgia, a prankster after my own heart googly eyed a statue of Nathanael Greene.

[Photo credit: City of Savannah Government]

Savannah officials weren’t laughing, but pretty much everyone else is.

It Just Looks So Alive 

I've always attempted to use googly eyes for mirth and mischief. This is something else entirely.

This is using googly eyes for evil, and that’s just wrong.

[Photo credit: @Bayan_kw]

Googly eyes are best used for mirth and mischief.

Googly Eyes: Lucky’s Lounge

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted pictures of googly eyes being stuck where they don’t belong. That doesn’t mean I’ve slowed my pioneering in this new form of artistic expression, however. Sometimes I just need to wait for the statute of limitations on vandalism to run out.

So today we’ve got a new edition of Googly Eyes, filmed on location at a certain bar in Boston that’s heavily into the Chairman of the Board.

New Year's Eve Party

Often, gravity pulls a pair of pupils in sync. Here, however, they’re delightfully askew. Upon zooming in, you can see that this silhouette Sinatra has gone from dapper to deranged. Note how his eyes follow the angle of his hat – wonderful.

Wall Painting

If reading Frank Sinatra Has a Cold taught me anything, it’s that if Frank Sinatra were alive today, he’d have me whacked. Fortunately, since his passing in 1998, it’s been possible to mock him via wall mural with impunity.

Sinatra Sunday

Ol’ Blue Eyes? More like Ol’ Googly Eyes! *Ba-zing*.

Are you interested in previous editions of this ridiculous series? Check out Googly Eyes: Dunkin’ Donuts and Googly Eyes: Subway Ads.

Googly Eyes: Dunkin’ Donuts

I put googly eyes on things. From photos to ads to inanimate objects, it’s all fair game.

Today’s victim is Dunkin’ Donuts food items. Ads for Dunkin’ Donuts are almost as plentiful as the stores themselves, so this isn’t exactly a hard target. Perhaps the most difficult part is getting a decent picture on a moving subway train, using an iPhone. You’ll see I was only moderately successful there.

Wake Up Wrap

I’ve sometimes thought of getting fake mouths, to go with the googly eyes. This slightly blurry guy, however, doesn’t even need a fake mouth. He is simply ecstatic to be alive.

Of course, that may change soon, as he’s about to be breakfast.

Brain Muffin

The details on this guy crack me up. Note the lower left, where you can see that he’s a Smart Menu item. He certainly looks smart – check out that cranium he’s sporting.

Incidentally, I call him the “Brain Muffin”. That joke is terrible, and so it is provided completely free of charge.

Horrified Cruller

This one, however, is my favorite. Have a look at this poor cruller. He’s just become sentient. His eyes have opened to the world for the first time. And he is horrified. He’s horrified at what he sees, horrified at what he is, and if he’s got half as much intelligence as the Brain Muffin, horrified at what his future holds.

For more googly eyed amusement, see Googly Eyes: Subway Ads.

Googly Eyes: Subway Ads

I put googly eyes on things. From photos to ads to inanimate objects, it’s all fair game. When it works, it comes out amusing, and often, creepy. See for yourself:

Crest Ad


For maximum creepiness, click the images to enlarge!