Real Or Fake? (February 12th, 2010 Edition)

Welcome, friends! It’s time for another edition of “Real or Fake?”, the game where we try to separate what’s real from what’s parody, and shudder at the realization of just how far gone reality actually is.

To play, just read a headline or story summary below, then decide if you think it’s a real story from a proper news site or a fake, from somewhere like The Onion. Once you’ve made your pick, find out the truth by highlighting the hidden answer text with your mouse. Let’s answer the question:

Is It Real or Fake?

Elvis Presley Turns 75 (Answer)

China Shopping Center Builds Car Park for Women (Answer)

U.S. Finally Gets Around To Prosecuting Mastermind Behind 9/11 (Answer)

14 Terror Suspects Mistakenly Kill Themselves (Answer)

Dye Pack Foils Art Thief (Answer)

Now tally up your score, giving yourself 1 point for each right answer, and subtracting 5 points for each wrong answer. Did you get a positive score? Cheater.

Submit Your Own
Find your own ridiculous “Should be fake, but it’s real” headline or story and send it my way.