Sweet Referral Cash

Since posting a half-serious comparison of The Dyson Airblade vs. The Excel Xlerator back in March, I’ve been amused to see that article linked from around the web. It’s appeared on sites ranging from this washroom product supplier to Xlerator’s own Facebook page. Recently, however, I discovered a much more amusing consequence of posting that particular feature:

Sweet Referral Cash
I got paid!

Yes, thanks to a glorious reader who was outfitting a pair of bathrooms1, along with a generous 8% referral rate for the Xlerator, I earned a cool eighty-six dollars and forty cents via Amazon’s affiliate program. Now if I could just reliably move a pair of those things every day, I’d have a pretty crappy salary going.2


  1. I assume, anyhow, as I don’t actually have any idea who bought these or why. ↩︎

  2. $86.40 * 365 = $31,536. ↩︎