Life Imitates Crappy, Crappy Art

Last week, a quick feature here on OFT pointed out a goofy shirt-based insurance ad. When a link to that post appeared on Boing Boing, a couple folks ran with my idea of creating a t-shirt from the ad. While that was nifty to see, attempting to gouge a profit out of someone else’s idea strikes me as rather poor form.

So, I decided to toss up a design myself, set for 0% earnings. The now-ever-so-mildly-infamous ad-turned-shirt is available right here for the minimum possible price.

Ridiculous T-Shirt For Sale
Available Solely in the Canonical “Safety Orange” Color

Comical though it is, I can’t imagine there’s really a market for this ridiculous shirt. Still, it’s amusing for it to exist as a real product, so if you’re interested, have at it!