I Only Eat There for the Articles 

Quick, which of the following are not real restaurants?

  • The Tilted Kilt

  • Mugs ‘N Jugs

  • Canz

  • High Beams

  • Twin Peaks

Answer? Only High Beams is, for the moment, not a real eatery. The rest are so-called “breastaurants” (a portmanteau defined on Wikipedia as “a restaurant that has sexual undertones, most commonly in the form of large-breasted, skimpily dressed waitresses and barmaids”). ABC News has an article which discusses the oh-so-classy trend.

Asked to name the most famous of this restaurant genre, you’d probably think of Hooters. Apparently, however, they’d rather you didn’t. When asked to comment for the story, Hooters would only say:

“The restaurant model that others have dubbed ‘breastaurants’ is a moniker too shallow to define Hooters.”

When something is too shallow for Hooters, you know it’s bad.