This Week in Trump: Art Imitates Life

It’s Friday, which sometimes means another “This Week in Trump” post, wherein I detail the depressing, embarrassing, shameful things Donald Trump has done while serving as President of the United States. This week was another horrible showing for dignity and decency, but between the “local milk people”, fictional phone calls, and so much more, I just don’t have it in me to review it. Instead, this week’s edition of TWIT is going to go a slightly different route.

I have a Google Alert for the phrase “Up for Auction”, and it frequently provides me with both a good chuckle, as well as material for this very site. For example, there was this T-Rex skeleton that I just missed out on, and even better, this profane autographed baseball. This week, Google offered this headline up to me:

Trump Drawing of Skyline Goes Up for Auction, Experts Offer Mixed Reviews

Given the “mixed reviews”, I found myself wondering if Donald Trump might have a heretofore unknown talent for sketching. Sure, it wouldn’t be amazing, but it could well be better than average. Maybe this awful man has at least one skill? Well, here’s a look at the sketch:

Terrible Trump Sketch

So no, of course he doesn’t have a hidden talent. Like the whiny temper tantrums our commander-in-chief throws on Twitter on a regular basis, his sketch looks like it was done by an eight-year-old child. It’s utter crap, following the lead of nearly every single other goddamned thing Donald Trump has done in this life. Frankly, I’m disappointed in myself for thinking there was any chance of it being otherwise. As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”.