A Bit of RSS Housekeeping

It’s once again time for a bit of housekeeping, and thus, another weekend post. I’ve just made some changes to the RSS feeds (technically, Atom and JSON Feed) for One Foot Tsunami. If you read this site via RSS, you’ll notice things working a bit differently.

Previously, Link posts in this site’s feed would send RSS readers directly to the source article when they opened the item. As a result, commentary written here on OFT could be missed. After literally years of consideration, as well as prompting from my pal Manton and others, I’ve now changed the feeds such that opening a link from your RSS reader will load OFT itself. I believe this will be a better experience overall. It will likely also lead me to write more in my Link posts, something I was previously somewhat hesitant to do.

In addition to this behavior change, the content of the feeds is changing in two small ways. First, rather than calling out Link posts with a “Link” prefix, I’ll be calling out the less frequent Feature posts using the 💧 emoji. Second, Link posts are now appended with the relevant link. These posts usually include a link somewhere within the body, but now there will always be a guaranteed URL at the bottom of the feed item.

Suggested RSS Reader

Almost five years ago, I recommended both NetNewsWire and NewsBlur for RSS. Due to a long fallow period, I can’t really recommend NetNewsWire anymore, but NewsBlur is still going strong. It still continues to offer much of what Google Reader did, and it’s well worth the low price of just $2 a month. It keeps feeds in sync across multiple devices, and already supports new tech like JSON Feed. Check it out if you need an RSS reader.

Other ways to follow One Foot Tsunami

Twitter: If you’re on Twitter, you can follow @OneFootTsunami, an automated bot which posts the title and a link to each day’s post. This is also the place to tweet if you want to discuss something on the site with me.

Facebook: You can also Like One Foot Tsunami on Facebook to get a link to each post in your news feed.

Thanks For Reading

As always, thanks for reading this site. However you connect to One Foot Tsunami, I hope you enjoy.