Barvd: 2016 in Review

2017 is almost over, which means it’s well past time for this year’s edition of Barvd. We may not even remember most of the most nauseating social media posts of 2016, but they happened nonetheless. Let’s make this a very scary Christmas, with a long overdue summary of the most disgusting tweets and Instagram posts from last year. Thankfully, for six more days, 2016 still is last year.


Winter weather in Boston is frightful, but it doesn’t usually involve arachnids.

well, a spider just crawled out of the hat that i stuffed in my coat pocket last night, so i'm just going to go become one with the snow now

Marie here found the exception, and now I’m scared to put on clothes without shaking the hell out of them.


I know we’d all like to forget Ted Cruz even exists, but this gross triptych is worth remembering, despite the something-shaming.

I'd make a Twitter account for Ted Cruz's wattle if it wasn't something-shaming.; Beefy Wattle dot org; A restaurant like Hooters but for hot beefy middle-aged man wattles. 

@scottsimpson, 2, 3

At the time of this writing, is still available for registration.


March of 2016 had a large number of nominees, including several disgusting food items, which are always a favorite. And yet, this is insane “abbreviation” topped them all.

A shocking discovery we made today: S&B stands for………Spice and HerB

That’s simply unacceptable.


I really like this tweet with no context at all.

This is why I always sit down on urinals to pee.

If you like, click to learn the context, but you might also choose to let it remain a mystery!


As Spring sprang in 2016, our pal Scott came back with a sickening Instagram post. I’m dry heaving just thinking about this:

This is why I always sit down on urinals to pee.

Anyone considering purchasing this might better spend their time and money on cleaning.


Get ready for the old switcheroo…

When my dad was my age he owned a house & had two kids with my mom. I rent a single room & haven't even made it to 2nd base with my mom yet.

Well played, Matt. I’m sure your parents are, uh, very proud.


Previously, we heard about hot, smoking bully sticks. Now, it gets worse.

Pro tip: Keep your pouches of artisanal jerky in a different cabinet than your artisanal dog treats.

It’s likely this is really putting the “anal” in “artisanal”.


Do you remember the 90s? They were pretty good overall, but they certainly weren’t perfect.

If you are too young to remember the 1990s and think the 1990s are cool, this is what the 1990s actually looked like - Al Gore and Bill Clinton sweaty in short shorts

There’s a lot to take in here: The sweat. The McDonald’s. The thighs. Oh god, the pasty thighs. Let’s see if we can move on faster than Bill jogged.


Celebrities got into the Barvd game last year, with Canadian actor Devon Sawa sharing this monstrosity:

Can't wait to make this traditional Canadian Thanksgiving feast for all my American friends - some kinda disturbing turkey and octopus hybrid

I guess we’d call it a “turpus”? At least until we cram a chicken in there to make it a “turpusen”, anyway.


In addition to being the last full month with hope and brightness in the world, October 2016 provided a bit of a mystery. When first looking at this tweet, it was not clear what was going on.

oh my god

I first saw a person’s backside. OK, it’s a man, and he’s not in the best shape. Ah, jeez, is he at a urinal? That’s kind of gross. But ultimately, what’s the big deal? Let’s have a look at the full image:

oh my god

Oh. Oh god. No. Why?! At least it’s a nice callback to our April selection.


I’m sure November had plenty of disgusting tweets. However, nothing was worse than this tweet (as well as others like it from news sources around the world):

BREAKING: Donald Trump will win the White House, making him the 45th US president, CNN projects

As you can likely guess, I chose CNN’s tweet specifically. While I certainly wish this had been fake news, CNN is a credible news organization, and this was all too real. It was also all too sickening.


The day after the 2016 election, I quit reading Twitter cold turkey. I haven’t been back since. As such, I don’t have a selection for December. Viewing Donald Trump’s tweets from the entire month would provide plenty to be disgusted by, but you’re better off avoiding it entirely. The real world is stomach-turning enough without reading the ravings of the absolute worst president in history.

The End

That’s it for the year 2016, and likely for our annual Barvd reviews as well. We’ll likely still have Barvd one-offs in the future, though. If you seen an awful tweet, Instagram pic, or other post, send it in, or tweet a link to @OneFootTsunami.