This Is a Very Stupid Survey

While cancelling my PS Vue online streaming television service1, I was given a brief survey, one which included this ridiculous question:

A 0 through 10 survey, offering only three options: 0 through 6, 7 and 8, or 9 and 10

If I weren’t already cancelling, I might cancel the service on principle to protest this crap. That’s an 11-point scale, with 3 options, grouped in a bizarrely uneven fashion. Sarcastic clap, Sony. Sarcastic clap.

Update (February 23rd, 2018): Multiple readers have pointed out that this is how “Net Promoter Score” groups things, which means this is a backend implementation detail leaking through in hideous fashion.


  1. I cut the cord about a year ago, and now I’m switching from Vue to a different streaming service. Being able to jump around services, and never needing to return cable equipment to Comcast, is wonderful. If you have any interest in giving Comcast less money, consider scaling down to just internet access, and using a streaming TV service instead. ↩︎