Vague? Good. Specific? Awful. 

Please enjoy a brief look at a terrible person.

I’ve previously linked to Portraits of America, a fascinating little blog where Ivan Velinov photographs and shares the stories of strangers. Following the theme of yesterday’s post (namely “things that make me want to puke”), here’s an awful individual with absolutely zero sense of modesty.

“I’m the most privileged person I know. My life is amazing. I live better than a celebrity. I went to the Olympics in Korea. I went to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. I go on average to four countries overseas per semester. I go to every big event.”

Recognizing your own privilege is a very valuable thing. Rattling off a litany of great things you have or did, however, just sounds like gross boasting. It would only take minor changes to make this woman come off far better. If she’d said “I’m incredibly fortunate! I get to travel a tremendous amount, and do things I really love. Even better, I have a loving family.”, I wouldn’t be thinking about how perhaps this woman could use a broken foot to help change her ways. Alas, it’s increasingly clear that karma does not exist.