The Knock-Off Culture of Jordan 

Jordan's “Goliath vs. David-dressed-up-to-look-exactly-like-Goliath” culture is fascinating and weird.

There’s apparently at least one place on Earth where “Papa” John Schnatter hasn’t been disgraced. The Middle Eastern country of Jordan abounds with American bootlegs, including unlicensed versions of American chains like Papa John’s, which still feature Schnatter as their spokesman. There are also illegal Burger Kings (Burgers King?) and Fuddrucker’s, as well as knock-offs like “Donuts Factory”:

In America, it’s now just “Dunkin’”, so perhaps they’ll change to just “Factory”.

It would be fascinating to see a side-by-side comparison of the food from some of these places, as these unlicensed locations presumably no longer have access to the official supply chains for these franchises.