Hopefully, This Isn’t the High Point 

We're still rooting for you, Mike!

For nearly a decade, this blog has been tracking the baseball exploits of one Christopher Michael “Mike” Carp, in the hopes that he could be added to this list. In 2015, Carp made it to the right city, though he was affiliated with the wrong team. In 2019, news of his independent league baseball success with the New Britain Bees of Connecticut was shared.

It appears the Bees experienced some sort of colony collapse, but never fear. Carp has been picked up by North Carolina’s High Point Rockers for the 2020 season.

Also signed for next season are pitchers Jake Buchanan and Drake Owenby, catcher Stuart Levy, outfielder Bryce Brentz, infielder Matt Fields and three from the disbanded New Britain Bees — Mike Carp, Darren Ford and Logan Moore.

Sure, the team’s logo is a rocking chair, an almost painfully on-point allusion to retirement. And yes, Carp hasn’t played in the big leagues since 2014. Of course, there’s little sense hiding from the fact that he’ll be turning 34 shortly, which is surely an unlikely age to return to pro ball. Nevertheless! Until Mike Carp hangs up his spikes for good, this blog will continue to track his career. If we can raise his profile enough, perhaps the Los Angeles Angels1 will finally see the light.


  1. They’ve got a new/retro name, and it’s damned efficient! Truly, it just looks so good on them. Those wise team owners clearly know a good idea when they see it!↩︎