The Baja Men Are Prophets

From man-bashing to now, just a statement of fact

It’s Friday the 13th, and we’re in the midst of a deadly global pandemic that’s changing life as we know it. How about a tiny bit of good news and levity?


For more amusement, please enjoy an archived interview with Anselm Douglas, the original writer and performer of “Who Let the Dogs Out”.

RCM: So who did let the dogs out?

AD: On Facebook, everywhere, it’s “Hey, who let the dogs out? Did you find out who let the dogs out?” I have one response for them. I say, “Look, if I tell you who let the dogs out, then you’ll stop asking me.”

It will be, “Really Anslem, you’re 98 now and you’re on your dying bed. You want to tell us finally who let the dogs out?” That secret is gonna die with me.

I don’t know if Douglas got rich off this song, but he’s at least got a good sense of humor about it.

Update (March 14th, 2020): Several readers pointed me to the much deeper story of “Who Let the Dogs Out”, and the origins are far murkier than you’d imagine.