Mixed Metaphors 

I'm going to need this post in the future.

The Washington Post has a piece about Kenneth Smith, a formerly homeless man who now works at the same restaurant outside of which he’d previously panhandled. It’s a nice little story about people helping other people. However, what really caught my eye was this quote:

[Smith] said working with the rest of the restaurant staff to keep the tables clean and the customers fed and happy feels like being part of a team.

“It’s like being on the football team,” he said. “Trying to make a home run — that’s what we do.”

I don’t know if Smith was joking when he said this. I rather doubt it, though it certainly made me chuckle. Either way, I do plan to troll folks with this quote in the future. As such, I’m using this post to create proof that I’m actually not terribly confused when it comes to sports.