They Got Scammed At Least Twice 

If this isn't the end of civilization, it should be.

Investors spent millions of dollars on “NFTs” of cartoon apes and then they got scammed. So says this Vice article about a thief who ran off with millions of dollars people had spent to purchase “Evolved Apes”. Personally, I think if someone convinces you to pay millions of dollars for a JPEG, you were already scammed. But hey, if you disagree, I’m thinking of minting an NFT of the Brooklyn Bridge that I’d be glad to sell you.

Update (November 11, 2021): Friend-of-the-site Josh H. notes that John Cleese actually followed through on the dumb Brooklyn Bridge joke. While Cleese didn’t get the $69 million he set as a “Buy It Now” price, his sketch did sell for almost 18 Ethereum, which is about $85,000. Also, don’t miss the name of the auction’s winning bidder.