Verizon Gets Meat-Axed

If you have an app or service, learn from the mistakes of Verizon.

I continue to urge you, dear reader, to meat-ax your notifications. It’s a very good bet that you simply don’t need your phone to bother you as often as it does, and that you’ll be happier with most notifications turned off.

That said, notifications can occasionally provide a good laugh. Recently, I noticed a badge on the icon for the “My Verizon” app. I was curious what this could be about. I logged in to the app, and navigated to the messages area:

An in-app notification that says “Attention is needed”

Well gosh, that sounds important! Is there some problem with my account? Perhaps my auto-payment method expired or is otherwise invalid? Don’t keep me in suspense, Verizon. What is the urgent message you have for me?

A message that says “You can now change My Verizon app settings to
Spanish. Tap MORE in the menu & choose Cambiar el idioma a español.”

¡Ay, dios mio! And that, my friends, is how Verizon lost the ability to ever badge its app icon again.