Phil Really Missed His Time to Shine 

Thanks for not defectating inside, Oscar!

Down in New Zealand, a young fur seal recently broke into a home via a cat flap. There, the seal crashed for a few hours before eventually being herded back outside, then caught by a ranger and taken back to sea. That’s a fun little story for the family in question, but my favorite part is that the male head of the household, Phil Ross, wasn’t home at the time. Why not? Well, perhaps because he was off at work doing marine biologist things.1

“The big joke is that this is really the only family emergency where it would be useful to have a marine biologist in the house,” he said. “I really missed my time to shine.”

You blew it, Phil!


  1. You know, plucking Titleist golf balls from the blowholes of great fish mammals, and so on.↩︎