It’s a Strange Mix of Names

Still, it’s always nice to get mail.

Yesterday, I received an envelope in the mail. It was addressed directly to me (with my full address, which has been edited out):

An envelope addressed to your humble author
Why, this looks like a nice little card. But it’s not my birthday, nor any holiday.

The back of the envelope”
The return address is listed as “Eden Prairie”. I don’t think I knew any Minnesotans, but I also wasn’t certain that this was actually listing Shutterfly as the sender.

A Christmas card from “The Singhs”
Look at that! It’s a wonderful…Christmas card…in mid-October. And it was sent by……The Singhs, a lovely family that I don’t know and who probably don’t actually exist. Let’s flip this over to get a bit more information.

Shutterfly’s holiday offer.
Ahhh, of course. Like so many things in life, it’s just an ad.

I suppose this trickery is fitting, after my own previous hijinks. Nevertheless, peace to you as well, Rahul, Maya, Anika, Shivani, and…Dillon?! Sure, fine, whatever.