Translation Confirmations

Native speakers and better translation tools agree, our apps are cool!

Today we’re going to follow up on Monday’s post, “It’s an Idiom, a Colloquial Metaphor”. Since posting, I’ve been delighted to receive two different pieces of feedback related to the translation.

First, friend-of-the-site James G. got in touch with a Turkish pal named Nes, who was able to confirm that the more positive translation was in fact the correct one:

“Yes, that person did try to say that they dig those type of applications.

A day later, a tweet pointed me to an alternative translation engine, DeepL:

“A better translation by DeepL, reading “I am a fan of such applications”, with several similar alternatives.

Huzzah! The optimistic reading of Adem’s original tweet has been proven to be correct, and Twitter might need to consider switching to a new translation service.