More Time to Dream 

Admittedly, I burned four bucks on this, a single ticket for each of the two billion dollar jackpots.

This just in, you have now lost the Powerball jackpot. It took a little longer than expected. The largest lottery jackpot ever was due to be drawn last night at 11 PM Eastern, but it was delayed almost 12 hours.

All 48 participating lotteries are required to submit their sales and plays before the winning numbers can be selected, the Multi-State Lottery Association said in a statement overnight. “Powerball has stringent security requirements to protect the integrity of the game and remains committed to holding a drawing that gives all players a fair chance to win,” the association said.

So hey, players got a bit longer to dream about being instant billionaires, before their inevitable loss. That’s nice. It’s better value for the money.

Meanwhile, the excitement around this 10-figure jackpot led me to re-read this ancient OFT link from almost exactly 13 years ago. It’s still terribly amusing. If I could, I’d buy that writer a drink.