Utah’s Improved State Flag 

Fewer flagrantly flawed flags, (por) favor

State flags, and indeed most non-country flags, are almost uniformly terrible. But thanks to a recent redesign in Utah, there’s one fewer terrible state flag in America. Though I find the new design has an excessive number of elements, it’s still an incredible improvement, and it far outshines the hideous “seal on a bedsheet” designs of every state I’ve ever called home. I can only hope that one day Massachusetts will improve its wretched flag.

If you’re looking for more on state flags, CGP Grey’s recent video is excellent. I quibble with some of his grades (South Carolina is better than a D! Colorado is better than a C! And most especially, Arizona is Superb, while Utah is too busy to be Superb), but it’s a great watch nonetheless. Cue it up for the weekend.