It’s Just a Very Inconvenient Crime 

This crime definitely did not pay.

Back in April, I linked to the goofy theft of over 2,000,000 dimes. A few months later, four men have been arrested and charged. Did they get to enjoy their spoils? No. No they did not.

In the weeks after the theft, the others allegedly converted thousands of dollars of dimes into cash at Coinstar machines in Maryland or by depositing them in at least four different banks in suburban Philadelphia.

Still, the amount of converted coins specifically detailed in the indictment — adding up to only a couple thousand dollars — is only a fraction of the more than $200,000 total authorities say the group stole.

On top of the fact that it surely recorded the faces of these criminal, pouring dimes into a Coinstar machine must have been very tedious indeed. It obviously didn’t lead to much in the way of profits, at least not for the thieves. Coinstar, on the other hand, did pretty well. The biggest crime might just be their outrageous 11.9% processing fee.