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Maybe Tack on Some Rose-Colored Glasses Too

If I never see anyone wearing one of these, I will be not at all shocked.

My pal Rich W. has long had a gripe with appliance maker Dyson, namely that they spend massive amounts of time and energy solving relatively inconsequential problems. Perhaps most famously, they perfected the vacuum cleaner, a device whose previous incarnations already did the job pretty well. They’ve also made an assortment of over-engineered hair care products, hand dryers, and other products.

Now, they’re introducing the “Dyson Zone”. It’s a “wearable purifier” that captures air pollution. It’s a set of headphones, too, one that cancels noise. It’s filtering so much! Oh, also, it looks absolutely ridiculous:

Headphones coupled with a mask-looking air purifier

So, what problems is Dyson trying to solve with this? From their announcement:

…the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 9 in 10 people globally breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline pollutant limits. Where NO2 pollution in cities decreased during the Covid-19 pandemic , levels have quickly returned to normal, or exceeded pre-pandemic levels across many global cities. It is estimated that more than 100 million people, around 20% of the European population, are exposed to long-term noise exposure above WHO guidance.

The world is afflicted with dirty air and too much noise. Those do seem like problems worth tackling. Perhaps we might curb pollution and work on cleaning the air at large. We might also invent quieter machinery and devices. Making the entire world a better place, that’s a noble goal.

On the other hand, that sounds like quite a lot of effort. Why not just have the wealthy go through the world wearing noise-cancelling headphones that also clean their air, but no one else’s. Hey, these weird-looking jerks had the hundreds of dollars1 necessary to buy this product. They deserve it!

Of course, they are still going to get sick from COVID-19. That’s because despite the fact that it looks like a mask, and hides your mouth like a mask, the Dyson Zone doesn’t actually function as a mask. That might seem a bit strange in the era of our global pandemic, but it’s the result of this project taking six years.

Rich might have a point.


  1. The actual retail price is unannounced, but it will surely be $200 or (much) more. ↩︎

Mostly Complete Cars 

In my day, cars didn't even have rear air conditioning controls!

Speaking of missing chips, Ford is apparently going to start selling Ford Explorers without the chips that power rear air conditioning and heating controls.

Ford spokesperson Said Deep told The Verge that heating and air condition will still be controllable from the front seats, and that customers who choose to purchase a vehicle without the rear controls will receive a price reduction. According to Deep, Ford is doing this as a way to bring new Explorers to customers faster, and that the change is only temporary.

The global supply chain problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continue to cause issues, particularly when it comes to embedded electronics. In this case, the vehicles will get upgraded within a year to restore the missing abilities. This is slightly ridiculous, but it ultimately seems like a reasonable solution to a vexing problem.

Happy Evacuation Day 

“Hack Holiday” nothing!

In much of this country, folks are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, often by drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Here in Boston however, we celebrate a different holiday: Evacuation Day. Rather than (just) a nod to the vomiting that’s likely to ensue from all that binge drinking, Evacuation Day commemorates the end of the siege of Boston, as the British troops were forced to withdraw. It was General George Washington’s first victory in the Revolutionary War, and an important morale boost for the colonies.

My towniest pal Mat and I have a long-standing tradition of meeting for a bit of Evacuation Day revelry. Ordinarily, we imbibe a few beers at a local Irish pub, and razz the British. Of course, there aren’t actually any British troops about, so it’s more general razzing into the ether. “Getcher arses back to jolly old England” and whatnot. A good time is had by all.

Sadly, we’ve not been able to celebrate in person for the past two years. But this year? This year we are on for some backyard beers. So, a Happy Evacuation Day to you, dear reader. I’m off to raise a glass to the patriots of the American Revolution. And sure, Saint Patrick as well.

Doctors Love This One Simple Trick 

Did they really need to include pictures? Cheese and crackers!

If wearing a mask is making your glasses foggy, try this simple solution.

Accepting the Consequences of One’s Own Actions 

It's his body. It's his choice. And that choice has consequences.

Organ transplants are an incredible miracle of modern science. However, there are not enough organs for the number of recipients in need. As such, they must be rationed out in an attempt to do the most good overall. Chronic alcoholics don’t get new livers, and people who refuse the COVID-19 vaccination don’t get new hearts. David Ferguson spoke out about such a decision related to his son DJ:

“It’s kind of against his basic principles; he doesn’t believe in [the COVID vaccine]. It’s a policy they are enforcing and so because he won’t get the shot, they took him off the list of a heart transplant,” Ferguson said.

I can’t fathom believing in all of the science surrounding taking someone else’s heart and putting it in your own body, but not accepting the basics of vaccination. It’s heartbreaking that the politicization of another miracle of modern science, the COVID-19 vaccines, is going to result in this man needlessly dying.

I’m sorry for DJ’s family, particularly his children. But the simple fact is that he is making a selfish decision, and it is not laudable. He’s entitled to make this poor decision, but having done so, he and his father must now accept the consequences of that choice. Some other, more deserving candidate will get the heart he could’ve had. That’s exactly the way it should be.

Don’t Romanticize Needless Death 

Get vaccinated. Get boosted. Wear a mask.

When I read the headline “‘One Couldn’t Live Without the Other’: Married High School Sweethearts With COVID Die on Same Day”, I imagined a sad but touching story. I envisioned an elderly couple, together for decades and decades, passing away at the end of a long and happy life. Unfortunately, this isn’t that.

Alvaro, 44, and Sylvia Fernandez, 42, of Loma Linda, had been together since high school. The parents of four children died Dec. 19, just hours apart.

A headline like “40-Something Parents Die of Preventable Causes, Leave 4 Children Orphaned” wouldn’t make anyone feel good, but it would more accurately convey the gravity of the story, and of our global pandemic.

“A Free Market Economy” Is a Terrible Excuse 

It's nearly impossible for members of Congress to trade stocks without privileged information. Why should we let them trade stocks at all?

Recently, a reporter asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she’d support a prohibition on members of Congress trading stocks:

“No. We’re a free market economy,” Pelosi said. “They should be able to participate in that.”

Frankly? No, no, they shouldn’t. It’s very clear that Congresspeople have used knowledge the general public doesn’t have to acrue wealth, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This may or may not be illegal, but it is most certainly distasteful. It ought to be beneath us all, and we shouldn’t accept it as reasonable.

Serving as a member of Congress is an honor and a privilege. It would be completely reasonable to enact a law that prevents those holding these positions of power from trading stocks. Upon entering Congress, assets could be placed in a blind trust and invested in index funds. If the country did well, those assets would increase in value in kind. We can find 535 competent people willing to forgo the ability to daytrade while they have their hands on the levers of power.

Meanwhile, in a related story, the folks at Insider did some incredible work. Dealing with shockingly terrible computer systems, they were able to determine how Congresspeople and congressional aides are failing to comply with financial conflict-of-interest laws.

A Lack of Integrity in Missouri

Missouri Governor Mike Parson's conduct is far from unimpeachable. If the citizens of Missouri are lucky, perhaps he himself is as well.

Speaking of bad judgement in the southern US, Missouri’s governor Mike Parson recently had a real one-two punch of stupidity. First, back in October, a newspaper reporter discovered that a state website was leaking data.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Josh Renaud identified a security flaw that exposed the Social Security numbers of teachers and other school employees in unencrypted form in the HTML source code of a publicly accessible website. Renaud and the Post-Dispatch handled the problem the way responsible security researchers do—by notifying the state of the security flaw and keeping it secret until after it was fixed.

Nevertheless, Parson publicly decried Renaud as a “hacker”, and attempted to refer the matter to prosecutors. This was very stupid, and at the time, pretty much everyone said as much. We now know that even the governor’s office knew how dumb it was, because two days before his slander against Renaud, the governor’s office wrote a statement of thanks.

Not content with this snafu, the administration piled on. In November, they commissioned a study of mask mandates which showed that they worked to reduce COVID-19 infections. Naturally, the anti-mask mandate administration buried the report.

I don’t know how many readers I have in Missouri, but you’ve got a gubernatorial election coming up in 35 months.

We Know He’s Got Real Balls 

How could he have thought this would work?

3.3 billion people around the world are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. That’s an incredible accomplishment, but there’s still a lot of work to do. In particular, we need to work around things like a dope resisting the vaccine while still trying to get proof of vaccination.

Dissection Without Dignity 

Did the hotel agree to this? Also yikes.

Thanks to friend-of-the-site Jason S., who alerted me to the bizarre story of the recently departed David Saunders. At Saunders’s request, his body was donated to be used for medical research. Unfortunately, the man instead became an unwitting participant in a public spectacle, courtesy of They offered the masses a chance to witness an autopsy and dissection of Saunders’s body, in the oh-so-sciencerrific environment of a Marriott hotel ballroom, all for the low, low price of $500.


Perhaps even worse, Saunders was a victim of the global pandemic.

According to Saunders’ death certificate, he died of COVID-19, meaning a potentially infectious body was dissected at an event where people were invited to examine and touch the body.

Double yikes.