Rosemary Mariner Kicked Ass 

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

In the 1970s, Rosemary Mariner finished college at just 19, in order to become part of the first group of women to earn their wings as United States Naval Aviators. Not long after, she became the very first female jet pilot in the American military. She was far from the last. At her funeral last week, a missing woman salute was performed by an entirely female flyover crew.

Korean Age 

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

“Korean Age” is strange, different, and possibly not long for this world. The system uses a different counting method for ages, which can be confusing when interacting with the rest of the world, or even within Korea itself.

It is also a hassle for mothers who have a child born in December. In the new year, they likely find themselves having to answer the simple question of how old the baby is by elaborating that he or she is two years old by Korean age but is in truth only weeks old.

Unless I misunderstand, a baby born on December 31st would be “two years old” on January 1st, despite actually being just one day old. That’s very, very strange.

The Real Mystery Is Why Almost a Quarter of a Million Accounts Follow the TSA on Twitter.

Monday, February 4th, 2019

If you like seeing eight consecutive drives end in a punt, then Super Bowl LIII was the game for you! And if you attended the game, and purchased a program, you should apparently not check it in your luggage on the way home:

[Via a tweet from @TSA]

That’s really weird. We’re talking about a publication printed with ink and paper. What exactly could be going on here? And how is it safe enough to fly, but not to be checked?

These questions led me to the TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” list. There, I found just nine items which are permitted in carry-on bags, but not in checked luggage. I’ve reproduced them below, exactly as the TSA’s poorly edited list shows them:

  • Butane Curling Irons (cordless)

  • Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices

  • Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours

  • Live Coral

  • Live Fish

  • Medically Necessary Personal Oxygen

  • Power Banks

  • Power Charger

  • Safety Matches

The TSA’s tweet doesn’t show the full program, so I had little choice but to assume it contains a small compartment with a goldfish inside of it, like Disco Stu’s disco shoes:

Cartoon shoes with fish in the heels, sadly dead
As seen in “The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

Eventually, I discovered the real issue. An earlier tweet with the same content also included a semi-helpful reply from TSA spokesperson Mark Howell. Under the atrocious username of “@TSAMedia_MarkH”, Howell explained the reasons for this instruction:

The programs are produced with materials that causes our screening tech to alarm, requiring a physical bag search by an officer. Carrying it with you to the security checkpoint and placing it in a bin will allow us to visibly inspect it without having to do a bag search.

If false positives are getting triggered by a Super Bowl program, perhaps better screening equipment is in order, rather than trying to get tens of thousands of people not to check an item that shouldn’t be an issue.

Inessential Tarp-Wavers 

Friday, February 1st, 2019

When the government was shut down, park officials at Point Reyes National Seashore were furloughed. As a result, massive elephant seals have taken over a beach, and they’re not giving it back.

If Only You Could Cash in All Those Upvotes 

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

It’s mom paintings all the way down.

This Plane in Spain Is Something of a Pain 

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

This poor plane is less a “ghost”, and more the sad protagonist in a Kafkaesque aviation nightmare.

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Switched at Death 

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Shirell Powell was told her brother was brain-dead in the hospital, and eventually gave doctors her consent to remove him from life support. Nine days later, she learned she’d pulled the plug on a stranger, and her brother was alive and (relatively) well, in jail.

The Fart Filter 

Monday, January 28th, 2019

As readers may recall, your airplane is mostly farts. Fortunately, the way air circulation works on modern aircraft means farts are filtered while you’re flying.

A Get-Back Coach 

Friday, January 25th, 2019

I saw the video included in this article earlier in the week, and I couldn’t quite believe it was real. Maybe Sean McVay could devote a tiny amount of his attention to where he’s standing?

Save Yourself 

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

If you’re ever searching for a good reason to escape from the monster who murdered your parents and held you captive for months, know that you might be able to claim your own reward.