Perhaps We Need Stricter Licensing for Both Firearms and Reproduction 

No need to worry, we don't have a problem with firearms in America. Why would you say that?

Speaking of ridiculous uses of firearms, in Tennessee, screaming and gunshots at a gender reveal led to three schools locking down.

It was early afternoon on Wednesday when a series of gunshots rang out in a Murfreesboro, Tenn., neighborhood. A scream followed.

A concerned neighbor dialed 911, and within minutes, three schools — blocks from where the caller heard the gunfire — went into lockdown. Police feared there was an active shooter.

But there was no need for concern, the officers learned once they arrived at the scene. The gunshots were simply part of a gender-reveal celebration, police said. No one was hurt.

Oh, sure, “no need for concern”. It’s not absolutely insane that an adult who will now be responsible for the care and upbringing of a child felt that repeatedly firing a gun as a means of celebration was a reasonable thing to do. Nope, this is fine.