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Barvd: 2016 in Review

2017 is almost over, which means it’s well past time for this year’s edition of Barvd. We may not even remember most of the most nauseating social media posts of 2016, but they happened nonetheless. Let’s make this a very scary Christmas, with a long overdue summary of the most disgusting tweets and Instagram posts from last year. Thankfully, for six more days, 2016 still is last year.


Winter weather in Boston is frightful, but it doesn’t usually involve arachnids.

well, a spider just crawled out of the hat that i stuffed in my coat pocket last night, so i'm just going to go become one with the snow now

Marie here found the exception, and now I’m scared to put on clothes without shaking the hell out of them.


I know we’d all like to forget Ted Cruz even exists, but this gross triptych is worth remembering, despite the something-shaming.

I'd make a Twitter account for Ted Cruz's wattle if it wasn't something-shaming.; Beefy Wattle dot org; A restaurant like Hooters but for hot beefy middle-aged man wattles. 

@scottsimpson, 2, 3

At the time of this writing, BeefyWattle.org is still available for registration.


March of 2016 had a large number of nominees, including several disgusting food items, which are always a favorite. And yet, this is insane “abbreviation” topped them all.

A shocking discovery we made today: S&B stands for………Spice and HerB

That’s simply unacceptable.


I really like this tweet with no context at all.

This is why I always sit down on urinals to pee.

If you like, click to learn the context, but you might also choose to let it remain a mystery!


As Spring sprang in 2016, our pal Scott came back with a sickening Instagram post. I’m dry heaving just thinking about this:

This is why I always sit down on urinals to pee.

Anyone considering purchasing this might better spend their time and money on cleaning.


Get ready for the old switcheroo…

When my dad was my age he owned a house & had two kids with my mom. I rent a single room & haven't even made it to 2nd base with my mom yet.

Well played, Matt. I’m sure your parents are, uh, very proud.


Previously, we heard about hot, smoking bully sticks. Now, it gets worse.

Pro tip: Keep your pouches of artisanal jerky in a different cabinet than your artisanal dog treats.

It’s likely this is really putting the “anal” in “artisanal”.


Do you remember the 90s? They were pretty good overall, but they certainly weren’t perfect.

If you are too young to remember the 1990s and think the 1990s are cool, this is what the 1990s actually looked like - Al Gore and Bill Clinton sweaty in short shorts

There’s a lot to take in here: The sweat. The McDonald’s. The thighs. Oh god, the pasty thighs. Let’s see if we can move on faster than Bill jogged.


Celebrities got into the Barvd game last year, with Canadian actor Devon Sawa sharing this monstrosity:

Can't wait to make this traditional Canadian Thanksgiving feast for all my American friends - some kinda disturbing turkey and octopus hybrid

I guess we’d call it a “turpus”? At least until we cram a chicken in there to make it a “turpusen”, anyway.


In addition to being the last full month with hope and brightness in the world, October 2016 provided a bit of a mystery. When first looking at this tweet, it was not clear what was going on.

oh my god

I first saw a person’s backside. OK, it’s a man, and he’s not in the best shape. Ah, jeez, is he at a urinal? That’s kind of gross. But ultimately, what’s the big deal? Let’s have a look at the full image:

oh my god

Oh. Oh god. No. Why?! At least it’s a nice callback to our April selection.


I’m sure November had plenty of disgusting tweets. However, nothing was worse than this tweet (as well as others like it from news sources around the world):

BREAKING: Donald Trump will win the White House, making him the 45th US president, CNN projects

As you can likely guess, I chose CNN’s tweet specifically. While I certainly wish this had been fake news, CNN is a credible news organization, and this was all too real. It was also all too sickening.


The day after the 2016 election, I quit reading Twitter cold turkey. I haven’t been back since. As such, I don’t have a selection for December. Viewing Donald Trump’s tweets from the entire month would provide plenty to be disgusted by, but you’re better off avoiding it entirely. The real world is stomach-turning enough without reading the ravings of the absolute worst president in history.

The End

That’s it for the year 2016, and likely for our annual Barvd reviews as well. We’ll likely still have Barvd one-offs in the future, though. If you seen an awful tweet, Instagram pic, or other post, send it in, or tweet a link to @OneFootTsunami.

They Finally Made a Real Barvd Emoji 

Relatively recently, emoji were updated to include modifiers. This functionality enables multiple emoji to be joined into one, thus making it easier to have multiple genders and skin tones for people. Now, XKCD suggests a new modifier.

Barvd: 2015 in Review

Despite attempts by domain sellers, you won’t find a collection of disgusting social media posts on baronvd.com. No, it’s only on barvd.com that you can get this kind of delightful content, and here you are, just in time for another year of Barvd. Let’s look at what was dreadful in 2015!


We start the year off with something of a mess. The winner (and sole nominee) for this month is a tweet which has been deleted. Fortunately, much like the Library of Congress, the fine folks over at Favstar handle the archiving of tweets.

You ever wonder if the air in those bubbles came from some factory where the wife of the boss hates vaccines so everybody has mumps?

As Brooklyn Nine-nine recently showed, mumps are both hilarious and disgusting.


Honestly, this one’s sort of a cheat, because it’s really just a tweet about a disgusting news story. On the other hand, it’s so foul that it’s easy to bend the rules so as to include it.

Woman makes yogurt using ingredients that may cause you to lose your lunch

I have some questions about the structure of this headline. Should we not make yogurt with this grad student’s vagina, or with any vaginas? It’s unclear.


This next tweet actually seems relatively innocuous.

Man, you post a video of 10,000 swarming ants on your Instagram and everyone freaks out.

Sure, the idea of thousands of swarming ants is a bit unsettling, but withou—OH SWEET UNHOLY HELL

Run! Run to April! It can’t possibly be as bad as this!


You might be surprised how much time a Barvd post requires. I’ve had this picture up in my browser for quite some time:

Hot dog/spaghetti jellyfish for Olive's lunch. Fun and little gross.

It didn’t start out so disgusting, but like mold, the foulness has grown over time. I’m sick of looking at this horrible creation, but now it’s your turn.


The crassness of this tweet is rather off-putting:

Congrats to American Pharaoh your cum is worth so much money now

But what’s much more off-putting is that Alison is entirely correct.


You know how to make a pretty lousy Smashing Pumpkins hit from the ’90s even worse?

*billy corgan voice* the world is a webinar

Good luck not hearing that line sung in Billy Corgan’s nasal whine.


July is the time to celebrate America’s independence, so let’s look at an incredible American creation:

i found this old recipe photo and now i cannot stop screaming.

I was already gagging at the thought of a hamnana. There was no need to top it off with Hollandaise.


The following was tweeted during an early Republican debate, and it’s especially gross when you remember who was on stage.

true story: they have to burn those podiums afterwards because the candidates orgasm every time they say 'Benghazi' #GOPDebate

Even more sickening is the fact that this was just the beginning of many months of horrible Republican debates. Don’t worry though, just eight more months until the election.


This fantasy in three parts amuses, before it horrifies with the unpleasant yoga pants visual.

Sorry I'm late! Let's get on with the show! Can anywhere guess where my dove is?
*silence; child slowly raises hand*
@rynbtmn, in a three tweet set

That poor imaginary child. That poor real us.


In recent years, traditional sexy/slutty Halloween costumes have really gotten played out. Thankfully, there are always innovators coming up with bold new ideas.

Halloween costume ideas:
-Sexy Iran Deal
-Sexy Water On Mars 
-Sexy Kim Davis

If you don’t remember Kim Davis, good for you. She’s too unappealing on both the outside and the inside to be pictured, even on the pages of Barvd, so you’ll have to do your own image search. If you do remember the dishonorable Ms. Davis, you know just how repugnant this idea is.


Let’s take a drive through almost 400 years of history. Halfway through we take a sharp left turn, so hang on tight.

1620—Francis Bacon describes the scientific method

2015—I experimentally confirm that I can use mouthwash and blow my nose at the same time

Aw, come on, man. Neven. No.


In December, I wrote about “bully sticks”. The truth behind them is unappetizing to say the least. The response I got from one reader, however, was beyond the pail.1

a friend tried to save money by cutting bully sticks into smaller portions. The smell from the bandsaw can only be described as 🙊

➕1️⃣ to Mr. Bailey for his correct use of the Barvd emoji, but ➖💯 for providing us all with the idea of hot, smoking bully stick.

We’re Done Here

That’s it for the year 2015. Thank goodness this is a leap year, as it enabled me to get our 2015 review in before March 1st. Fear not though, because the collecting of awfulness for 2016 has already begun. As always, if you’ve seen an awful tweet, Instagram pic or other post, send it in or just tweet a link to @PBones.


  1. No, that’s not a typo. “Beyond the pail”, as in, it made me puke so hard I overshot the bucket for which I was aiming. ↩︎

Ridiculous Products: Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Bites Pizza

A hot dog (which is so obviously not a sandwich that no debate is even required) really doesn’t belong anywhere near a pizza. Way back in the late ’90s, shortly after the rise of the cheese stuffed crust pizza, I took some sort of online survey for Pizza Hut. They asked how I would feel about a ring of hot dog meat in the crust around a pizza. Then, as now, I was disgusted. Hot dog pizza? Barvd 🙊.

Despite my vociferous objections almost two decades ago, Pizza Hut has now opted to give it a go, albeit with some modifications. While that long-ago survey proposed a circular hot dog ring tucked inside the crust the same way cheese can be, this “limited-supply” Hot Dog Bites pizza is somewhat similar to the Cheeseburger Crown Crust pizza of 2012. The new offering features a circle of pigs in a blanket surrounding the pie. It’s a horrible idea, one which the Washington Post will tell you is best avoided. Pizza Hut has a brief commercial to pitch their vile creation:1

The Hot Dog Pizza
Does that look like something you’d want to eat?

“Hot dog! Pizza! Hot dog! Pizza! Hot dog! Pizza!” the commercial bellows, before combining the two foods into one abomination. The ad moves from being loud and uninspired, to truly and unintentionally hilarious. Referring to hot dogs and pizza, the commercial states that it’s:

  • Two classics, together at last.

When attempting to force a grotesque new food product down the gullets of the public, it is perhaps best not to call to mind this classic joke from The Simpsons2:

Nuts and Gum: Together at Last!

Then again, it does seem likely that Homer Simpson would approve of this creation as well.

Previously in terrible ideas from Pizza Hut: Make ‘Em An Offer They Can Refuse


  1. The commercial is archived here. ↩︎

  2. This bit can be found in the episode “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy”. ↩︎

Sounds Like a Site for Fancy STDs

Here at One Foot Tsunami, we get emails. We get stacks and stacks of emails. These emails are almost entirely spam, generally asking if I’ll accept payment for a “sponsored post”. My commitment to journalistic integrity is strong, however, and you’ll never see ads masquerading as content here. At least not until these clowns start offering more money, anyhow.

Anyhow, I recently received a somewhat stranger email:


Initially, I couldn’t figure out what domain I own that’s related to “BaronVD.com”. Eventually I realized: I’m receiving this solicitation because I own Barvd.com. Yes, a domain name used to direct people to the worst of the worst in gross tweets and the like is now earning me unsolicited offers for “related domain names”.

So Theodora, I appreciate the offer, but please consider this my official notice of disinterest. Also, how the hell did you even find Barvd.com? Were you just trying assorted letter combinations? Krang!

After receiving this email, I took a peek at the actually site. It seems Theodora isn’t actually in a place to sell BaronVD.com anymore, as she let the registration lapse:


With only two hours left, the cost was $12, and there were zero bids. Hard luck!

Barvd: 2014 in Review

Just over a year ago, the world was introduced to the Barvd emoji. Lamentably, however, there hasn’t been an official edition of Barvd since last January. Fortunately, plenty of awful was collected since then, so let’s take a look at 2014 in unpleasantness.


Gotta figure by this point, thousands of divorced dads have accidentally sexted their daughter

Thanks, Scott! It’s always good to kick things off with a truly horrifying thought.


There are lots of sounds you don't want to hear in the next stall over, but the iPhone camera shutter is pretty high up there.

I’m not saying you should visit RateMyPoo.com, because you shouldn’t. Hell, that’s why I didn’t even make that a link. But you should be aware that a bowel movement rating site exists, and allow that fact to color your impression of humanity.


Much like the Olsen twins on Full House, the role of 'weird lump on my bathroom wall' was played by 15,000 spiders

This horrifying tweet from @heidihitschildren was a runner-up in February, and helped Scott to his second appearance here in just three months.


My sleep-mind said 'Whatever, it's fine if the cat pukes on my back, I'll clean it up later.' Luckily I woke up enough to prevent that.

The cat grosses me out, but the sleep-mind cracks me up.


Soup is a great way to eat wet meat out of a little bathtub.

Probably the worst thing about this is that it’s technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.


We have an intermission here, as much like in August of 2013, no one grossed me out in June of 2014. It seems like my gag reflex takes summer vacations. Ah well — moving on!


'My dad worked in a sub-zero meat locker. He said the worst thing about it was, farts would hang in the still air forever. Eight hours a day.

And now, a passage from my upcoming novel “Mumphrey’s Downfall”, set amongst the backdrop of world diplomacy and international intrigue:

  • “As soon as he said it, he knew he’d made a terrible mistake. Forks and glasses clattered to the floor, and then the room fell silent. His words hung there, like a fart in the freezer.”

I am currently accepting bids from publishers.


'90 percent of hotel beds have bedbugs. But look at your own bed. It’s entirely made of bedbugs. Now look in the mirror. Yes. You are, too.

It seems 2014 was a good year for gross-out tweets about bugs.


'Almost forgot: @magnetbox's foot says Hi

I particularly like the way Michaela’s tweet does not transcribe this as a quote from the foot. Rather, it is a simple statement of fact.


I guess sushi is okay, but it makes the microwave smell terrible and by the time the fish is cooked through, the rice is overdone.

Sushi does not work that way!


Old man at urinal. Both hands on hips. Possibly prehensile penis.

Just re-reading this, I had a visceral gag. Awful, Matt, just awful.


Special Garlic Dipping Sauce in a Keurig

Please allow my earlier comment, as well as @antichrista’s, to serve as a reply:

Jesus, Dude

Damn straight. Insta-Barvd of the year, is more like it. Thanks a lot, Clarko. Jesus Crist.

Closing Time

Sometimes, I stop and take stock of things. “Self,” I’ll ask, in these moments of introspection, “are you really spending time compiling all the gross things people put out there on social media?”. Yes. Yes, I am, so if you’ve seen an awful tweet, Instagram pic or other post, send it in or just tweet a link to @PBones.

Until next time!

The Barvd Emoji

Recently, Barvd made a triumphant disgusting return to these pages. One “winner”, @ems, asked what the icon would be for a Barvd. I hadn’t thought of it before, but emoji definitely seem like the way to go here. They’re widely available, and full of all manner of pictures. So I took the time to scan through the emoji offered by iOS 7, and I’m pleased to present the Official Barvd Emoji:

Barvd Emoji
The Official Barvd Emoji

This is technically called the “speak-no-evil monkey”, and it comes in a set with the see-no-evil and hear-no-evil monkeys: 🙈 🙉 🙊. However, on its own, this little simian definitely looks like it could be holding in some puke. Probably after reading a disgusting tweet someone posted.

So when someone says something disgusting, and you want to let them know, just send them a Barvd Monkey. They’ll get the message.

Barvd: 2013 in Review

I was born by the river, in a little tent, and just like the river I’ve been barfing ever since. Yes, this installment of Barvd is a long, long time coming. We went through all of 2013 without a proper edition of Barvd, which almost certainly explains that hole you feel in your very being. However, just because a collection wasn’t published doesn’t mean the nauseating tweets and more weren’t being collected. So, herein, a retrospective showing the most vile post of each month of 2013.


I didn't respond to a catcaller today so he blew a snot rocket at me.

Was that an expression of dismissal, or just the catcaller’s second try?


I guess we should probably change the saying to 'I’m so hungry I could eat a horse on purpose'.

Ah, horsemeat jokes. Mostly forgotten now, yes, but topical and nauseating back in February 2013. With the horsemeat scandal long past, the question is, what are you eating now?


Another one of my dad's colorful expressions, said of an unattractive person: 'he looks like he's sewn together from ballsacks.'

It’s not actually possible to sew a person together from ballsacks, but rest assured, science is working on it.


If they can do all those gross violence things to the zombies on Walking Dead, maybe we can get a zombie nip slip as well?

Despite the grossness of a zombie nipple, it’s Mr. Simpson’s hopefulness that’s truly revolting.


When Beef Wellington's on a bagel, you can eat Beef Wellington anytime!

No! No you cannot! Not in the morning, nor in the evening, nor at supper time.

Also, if you didn’t grow up in America during the 90s, this handy reference will likely help.1


@lexfri I still have flashbacks to the self-serve slushie bar there. Unattended children just sucking on the spigots. Never again.

This was referring to a Sesame Street-themed amusement park aimed at young kids, which you’d have to assume is already a super bacteria breeding ground. Kids nursing from slushie spigots, however, is beyond the pale.


'No, half lemonade half iced tea is an Arnold Palmer. A Tom Arnold is half lemonade half Hormel chili.'

A Tom Arnold would probably look pretty much the same coming back up as it did going down.


Apparently, no one triggered my gag reflex in the month of August, and that’s perhaps the most sickening thing of all. Let’s move on.


'What is it about yoga mats that just attract lint constantly?'*picks up lint**lint turns out to be a live spider*

Krang! Just reading that, I let out an involuntary yelp.


If a recipe calls for grated cheese and you don't have quite enough, don't worry! The grated knuckle will totally make up the difference.

Can the health department be called to close a kitchen in someone’s house?


My long-haired friend Tom woke up with eye pain, realized one of his hairs was wrapped around his eyeball, all the way around it.

This one is so bad, Neven actually prefaced it with a warning. I did not. Hey, you knew what you were getting in to.


Special Garlic Dipping Sauce in a Keurig

There’s only thing fouler than drinking hot “special garlic dipping sauce”, and that’s eating Papa John’s in the first place.

That’s a Wrap

There you have it, “2013: The Year in Disgusting”. Who knows what the coming year holds in store for us? We shall see! If you’ve seen an awful tweet, Instagram pic or other post, send it in or just tweet a link to @PBones.


  1. Archived as always. ↩︎

Barvd: December 25th, 2012 Edition

Ho Ho Ho—excuse me, little stutter there! How the time does fly, as it’s been more than five months since the last edition of Barvd. This jumbo-sized holiday edition of Barvd features a post from the new Twitter alternative App.net, and a couple sickening shots from photo-sharing social network Instagram. It’s not just tweets that have the power to make us retch. Now let’s jingle onward:

I can't even.

Eggnog and Seltzer, together at last?

Hard to tell the difference between a plate of half-finished nachos and the result of liposuction gone wrong. They even taste kinda similar.

The first line is gross enough, but it’s the second line which puts it over the top. The only way those nachos could be less appealing is with the following cheese:

Breastmilk cheese? #VeganOrNot

Ah, yes, the eternal, disgusting question.

In the tradition of PenIsland, ExpertsExchange, and PowerGenItalia, another very unfortunate URL. pic.twitter.com/GtQ6276Q

Wait for it. Waaaait for it:

Please, don't Rim a dog.

Oh god, don’t do that.

“Please take that off. You look like Pete Rose.” Since when is your wife looking like Pete Rose not sexy?

I know Amy Jane, and I actually believe she could pull off “Sexy Pete Rose”.

Writing holiday cards in the kitchen, I’m struck by the very specific fear that one of those stray pubes that somehow (despite my best efforts) ends up on the bathroom floor will drift down the hallway and into an envelope, then be mailed to a loved one.

“Merry Christmas!”, from One Foot Tsunami.

Horrifying Clown

And a truly horrifying New Year!

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Seen an awful tweet, Instagram pic or other post? Go ahead and send it on in.

Barvd: July 17th, 2012 Edition

Welcome to this year’s summer edition of Barvd. You’ve no doubt missed Barvd, because Barvd missed the spring entirely. But it’s here now, and it’s as disgusting as ever. Here we go.

A cookie is just a cookie, but a Newton looks like dried blood boogers wrapped in nilla wafers - first draft Fig Newton slogan

If you’re able to stop the phrase “Dried blood boogers” from entering your mind every time you see a Newton from here on out, you’re a stronger person than I.

My nose is bleeding into my stomach so I guess I don't need to go grocery shopping today after all.

Continuing on the theme of blood as “food”, I guess?


Yeah, you’re thinking of the right ones:

Depressed Abilify Lady plus Mr. Mucus

The Depressed Abilify Lady’s hesitation is obvious, as well it might be. Mr. Mucus is, after all, a married…umm……phlegm?

Married Mr. Mucus

I just invented a diet plan where you sneeze on your food. The trick is doing it in front of people because eating your own snot is “wrong”.

It’s the quotes around “wrong” that really make this so awful.

If I ever come into a large sum of money, I'll hose it off and spend it anyway.

Ah, geez, that’s the worst thing since Ass Pennies.

Never ask for a happy ending at the end of an acupuncture session.

Oh. Oh god. Oh god. That is the least “happy ending” to Barvd ever. But with that You Look Nice Today trifecta, we’re out. Until next time.

Submit Your Own
There’s a lot of vileness to be found out there in the wild, disgusting blue yonder. If you spot an awful tweet, please be sure to submit a link.