Yuck To This Rejection

I have contempt for this decision.

In 2022, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles approved approximately 15,000 vanity license plates, but rejected 897. Axios has a look at a few. The reasons for rejection for some are obvious, but I would fight against this:


The RMV says the word “yuck” could be considered “an expression of contempt, ridicule, or superiority of a race, religion, deity, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or political affiliation.”

The RMV is off the mark on this one. I say “Yuck” is a simple state of mind, and a reasonable reaction to much of the world. It may not be upbeat, but it’s not offensive, and the idea that it relates to race, religion, or anything else, is an enormous and foolish reach.

Alas, a new law in Massachusetts will apparently now prevent rejected plates from being released. Thankfully, there are other states in the union, such as California, that are willing to tell us about the vanity license plates they reject.